"Days of wine and roses laugh and run away, Like a child at play."
Johnny Mercer
At FORM, we expect only the biggest kids to come and play. With a wide selection of over 450 wines to choose from and our "VALUE VAULT" of 30 Organic/Biodynamic or Sustainable Wines(on the right) and 30 Old World & New World selections(on the left); we've see full grown adults turn into little kids in a candy store. We are about Food and Wine pairings and 190 public and private Wine dinners in our past 1.75 years here we have proven that it doesn't have to be expensive to be good. Special orders are welcome, going to California, Washington, Oregon? We may be able to help you with information on where to go and who to see that ISN'T a mainstream tourist trap. We pride ourselves on being able to give you exactly what you need for any occasion. Need wines to pair with food or for a nice wine party? Let us help you with your selection.
10 % off MIXED CASES (non-sale items only)
In-house or Special order- 15% off SOLID CASES
20% off 3+ cases if paid by CASH/LOCAL CHECK ONLY!!
We stock esoteric small brands, that is our focus. Unfortunately on big chain brands we generally can't compete with their pricing, nor do we try. Big box retailers with Liquor and Beer make their money on liquor and therefore many times can undercut a small retailer, so we buy many rated closeouts or inventory reductions that they don't and we pass the savings on to you. Tell us what you like and we will help you find something in your price range and style-range! No one will work harder for you than we will. If you want to work with someone knowledgeable Claude and Brian are your guys. If you want to find "your" unique house wine, let us help you. We are availabe to help you.


As spring and summer approach our White Wine selection is growing. From the sweetest Rieslings to the oakiest Chardonnays, we have everything that you will need to enjoy these beautiful Savannah afternoons.


Come take a look at our Esoteric Red selection. We pride ourselves on having the harder to find wines. Coming from all around the world, We have a selection that represents some of the best wine growing sectors of the world.

Largest Small Grower Champagne Selection in Savannah

Come support our "true underdog story". Our selection of Small Grower Champagnes beats out the larger well known Sparklings and Champagnes when they go head to head.
With the cost of making Champagne so high, these wines will blow your socks off with crisp clean tastes that will make you believe you are spending a fortune on them.

Value Vault

Bringing the best selection of wine also entails bringing our customers the best bang for their buck!
All selections in our vault are UNDER $20! So come on in and check out the selection, you taste some of the best wines at the right price!
Our Vault will be broken down into a New World (left side)/Old World (right side) division. Allowing you to decide which is more your own style of wine.