Local Businesses

At FORM, we take pride in supporting our friends and neighbors

Everyone at Form believes supporting local businesses. So join us in our pursuit in building a strong local economy and making Savannah a better place for small businesses. From full restaurants to skilled craftsmen, we know some of the best folks in town to get the best service.
In our store you can support other locals by purchasing Perc Coffee (by the pound or by the cup), a selection of baked goods from Against the Grain Bakery or Grams Bakery, any of our artwork, or even asking about our custom wine racks.

Downtown Savannah

Looking for a night out on the town, please support our friends by stoping by these local establishments.
Leoci's Trattoria is one of Savannah's finest restaurants, serving Italian Cuisine with some the of the freshest local products.
Maxwell's, one of the newest restaurants in town is off the beaten path of typical Savannah restaurants. Tucked away, Maxwell's serves up fantastic tapas sized dishes and fabulous cocktails.
Not from Savannah or looking for a great place to put your guests without having to worry about pesky hotel chains? Take a look at theAzalea Inn & Gardens. Their rooms are all different and will surely impress you and yours. With a knowledgable, friendly, and local oriented staff, this is one inn that enhance anyone's stay and show you true southern hospitality.

S.O.F.O. (South of Forsyth)

Downtown or the Islands not where you would like to be? Well there are a a number of local shops to dine and get great service from south of the park.
For the best burger in town, one must head on down to Green Truck Pub. Be prepared for something more than just a frozen slab of meat tossed on a grill, this crew makes all their burgers (even the veggie patties) from scratch. A place that will surely impress you.
Finding a local place for a quick bite to eat can be tough, but finding a place for a quick bite that is delicious, affordable, and will have you coming back for more is near impossible. Well save yourself the hassle and check out Butterhead Greens. This little restaurant is popular amongst students and locals alike. Patrick and Seth take pride in what they make and will be sure to take care of you everytime.

The Islands

Headed out to Tybee this weekend? Help our friends out and stop by some of the the islands' best establishments.
Check out Thrive Carryout Cafe on Wilmington Island for freshly prepared carry out dishes, using as many local and organic ingredients as possible. Convenient, healthy, and gourmet!
Perhaps you are already on Tybee, thenTybee Island Social Club is the place to be. Social offers an eclectic mix of tacos, often with unexpected ingredients on a variety of wraps or in salads.


In the city of Savannah, they're plenty of schools that we look to help out. With the artists at Savannah College of Art and design, we are able to decorate our store with art and photography.
We would like to thank those students for their help at our dinners and as well as letting us display their art.
Please take a look at their work at the following sites.