Cheese of the Month Club

What a great Gift for?????

LACTOSE-intolerant? What many people don't realize is that most people with lactose intolerence can generally consume small amounts of semi-firm/firm Cheeses. CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR-PLEASE!!!
Goat Cheese can be consumed by most with lactose intolerance-generally speaking, due to the different enzymes, so
we can still make a cheese club for you. Styles will vary greatly, you may never now what
you are getting, that's the fun of it.. Soft, Medium, Hard cheese? Blue, Triple Cream,
Goat, Cow Sheep? American, French, Italian, Swiss, Greek, German, what country will be next......
Taking into account that shipping costs have become ridiculous, we are/will constantly rotate cheese. Air freight and weekly flights to Atlanta bring us a plethora of Fresh cheese availability.
SHOP LOCAL, this program will save you money.....see the Monthly prices from MURRAYS(ny)
and Artisanal(ny).....We are happy to offer you the following:

-Notes on each cheese will be provided in sheet form-
-Each Cheese selection will be 3 Cheeses at their best varying in size from 4-8oz portions depending
On whether they are cut or individual wheels.
...get ready for the Wordly tour without leaving savannah.


-WE ARE HAPPY TO SHIP ANYWHERE IN THE U.S.A by FEDEX ONLY: packaging with ice in a
styrofoam cooler and ice packs is provided-$10+shipping charges (shipping avg-$12-25 depending on timeframe & type)

Your orders will be ready the 15th of each month, if the 15th falls on a Sunday, Monday will be your
PICK-UP DAY...Please come get your orders within one day-we do not have the storage to hold more than 20 orders.....yet!
Going on vacation? We can defer your program until you return, just give us 2 days notice.

Month/month, 3 month, 6 month & yearly options available!
CALL 236-7642 to register today
With over 60+/- different cheeses from all around the world and 10+ Meats from the U.S.A only, you will find something just for your taste when you work with Claude, Brian or Jimmy. Not sure how it tastes? No problem! It's our pleasure to give you a small taste. All of our cheeses are based on availability, so if we run out of any one cheese, it will be replaced with something new for you to try. Hard to find Cheeses-oh yes...we have many of them.

Here is a small smattering of what we have or have had:
-3.5 year old Boerenkaas Gouda, Cahills Cheddar Porter, Bijou, Coupole, Ellngton, Truffle Alexandria Fontina, Asiago Fresco, Caveman Blue, Echo Mountain Blue,Reypanear 2yr Gouda(Hollands oldest)-Jasper Hill Cellars(Vermont)Bayley Hazen Blue, Landaff Raw Holstein-Stilton Tophat(England)-Cotswald(England)-Sweet Grass Dairy-Georgia....Asher Blue, Georgia Gouda, Thomasville Tomme, Clayburne Cheddar, Green Hill, Black Swan-Firefly Farms-Maryland-Cypress Grove(California); Humboldt Fog, Truffle Tremor & Purple Haze-Marin Rouge et Noir Brie(California)-Parmegiano Reggiano(Italy)The least expensive in the city!-Farmhouse Cheddar-NZ-Saint Andre(France)-Saint Agur Triple Creme Blue-Brillat Savarin(France), Reblechon(France), La Tur(Italy), Caciavallo(Italy)-Bucheron(Wisconsin)-Carr Valley Pleasant Ridge(Wisconsin)-a ton more....... Our meats??????
Trois Petite Cochon Mousse Truffee & Pate de Campagne, Olli Salumi, The Spotted Trotter(Decatur, Georgia), La Quercia Prosciutto(Iowa-the #1 pork producer in the Country)
Along with our cheeses, We have a selection of meat to try. From american style prosciutto to Italian Wildboar Sausage. We keep the meat selection changing just like our cheeses.
Looking to cater a small dinner party? Start off the night with a cheeseboard! If you tell us how many people you are expecting, We will set you up with a selection that will have your guest asking for more.